At a difficult time in my life and after a challenging move, Sono really came to the rescue and helped me get my stuff together.

I interviewed numerous organizers before choosing Sono. Most of them seemed to have an emphasis on efficiency. In contrast, Sono brought a genuine sense of interest in my goals and a calm presence and patient temperament that I really appreciated. At the end of the day, it is somewhat stressful decluttering and a calm presence to help you through it cannot be underestimated in your evaluation. Sono definitely provided that. Personally, Sono is an interesting character. I enjoyed my time with her: she is a good conversationalist with lots of interesting thoughts and perspectives.


Anyone who’s ever liquidated the estate of a loved one or closed out an expensive storage locker that’s been a financial and psychological drain for too long, knows the hardest part is getting started. Engaging Sono to be the inspiration and instigator for the process was the best idea ever.

Within a few short sessions, I had a plan for making decisions and working through the various issues. In addition to her creative problem-solving and organizational skills, Sono brings a warmth, compassion, and sense of humor that’s invaluable. The end result is immense relief and a fresh outlook on life.


I don’t know if you could classify me as a hoarder, but I am definitely a collector of stuff and things. As an artist I always feel like I need raw materials. And because I never know when I’m going to be working on next, visual art or conceptual art, I accumulate odd objects that I really don’t need, like a 2 1/2 foot pepper grinder.

I really couldn’t tell you all of the things that I got rid of with Sono’s help and it was a truck load and a half of junk, and I don’t miss it for sure. My space went from uninhabitable, so cluttered that I would bump into all sorts of boxes during nighttime bathroom excursions, to an organized aesthetically pleasing place, with a kitchen area and art studio area and a bedroom area. I am eternally grateful for this revamping of my life through my space.


As a full time working mom, I had little time for organizing our storage space. It had no rhyme or reason and was impossible to find anything.

I hired Sono to help us declutter and organize it.

It was a big job that entailed a lot of lifting and moving of heavy things.

I only gave her about 5 minutes of direction before I got pulled away and came back a few days later to our storage space that *gasp*, actually had SPACE!

Things were organized, labelled, logical and she even pulled aside a few things that she thought we could get rid of. She was spot on and even went to the effort of donating them for me.

She takes the “stress” out of “stressful”.