We have an introductory phone chat that gives us the chance to learn more about each other. This first consultation lasts about 15-30 minutes and it’s complimentary.

Then, if it’s a mutual green light, we schedule your first session.

If your project is small, for example, a closet, we simply jump in. If your project is large and/or open ended, your first session is an assessment.

An assessment is a complete on site walk and talk through of what you want to tackle.

Its purpose is to establish a baseline so we can map out where you are, where you want to be and initial strategy. An assessment can range from a simple consultation to a more comprehensive written overview that functions like a manual. The more extensive assessment is good if you anticipate being able to do a lot on your own.

Getting organized, as I explain below, is a process of exploration. So it’s important to allow for the unexpected. Once we start to clear space, anything can happen. You may get a shift in outlook, a surge of inspiration, energy and determination that you didn’t know was possible when you felt stuck. We’re peeling back layers so the ratio of DIY to how much you need my help may fluctuate.

The main thing to remember is, once we start, I’m by your side and I’ll guide you through it with a commitment to keeping it real every step of the way.